Joint-Stock Company "Vaiskona" was founded in 1999 and is operinting over 10 years. The company is located in the old former canning factory of Vilkaviškis. The main JSC "Vaiskona" activity is to produce apple juice concentrate. The company currently holds the largest market share of this business section. It is not only in Lithuania but also in all Baltic states. Also, JSC "Vaiskona" produces a large variety of fillings, jams, tomato sauces. This is an additional business. Tomato sauces are produced according to ancient recipes, with no chemical additives. They contain only one preservative - potassium sorbate. The company uses the most recent world's leading producers of concentrated apple juice equipment manufacturer Swiss company's "BUCHER - Unipektin" equipment. About 80 percents of enterprise-wide production is exported to other European Union countries such as Poland, Germany, Austria, Italy.

Pramones g. 13
LT-70172 Vilkaviskis
Tel. +370 342 20837,
+370 686 75838
Faksas +370 342 20837
E-mail: info@vaiskona.lt
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