The main JSC "Vaiskona" activity is to produce apple juice concentrate. Concentrated apple juice is widely used around the world because it is a completely natural product made with special equipment support without any chemical additives. Concentrated apple juice is diluted with water in the ratio 1:7, and in this way we get normal apple juice. The water evaporation procedure makes concentrated apple juice life longer for several years. Various wines, cider drink are made from concentrated apple juice. Also, this product is frequently used in the food industry as a natural acid production of various food products such as pickled beets, candy, various pastries. Concentrated apple juice and apple aroma is transported in bulk physiological conditions, most often transported by trucks to transport specially for food adapted tanks. On special order, these products may be loose poured into special designed bulks for holding liquids. 

Also, JSC "Vaiskona" produces a variety of fillings, tomato sauces. This is an additional business. Tomato sauces are made according to ancient recipes, as well as natural and without chemical additives. They contain only one preservative - potassium sorbate, which is used for many years and is scientifically proven that it is no effect on the human body does.

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